BeretkAh's Showroom Grand Opening on Kurfürstendamm

On May 7th, the fashionable heart of Berlin, Kurfürstendamm, became even more dazzling with the grand opening of BeretkAh's new showroom. Nestled in a charming hidden backyard, just moments away from the bustling main street, this new haven for hat lovers promises a blend of elegance and whimsy.

Tatiana, the creative force behind BeretkAh, orchestrated an unforgettable event with an enchanting Alice in Wonderland theme. The air was filled with excitement as guests, dressed in whimsical attire, gathered to celebrate this new chapter. The meticulous attention to detail was evident, thanks to a talented confectionery designer who crafted a stunning English tea party setting, complete with delightful treats by Karamel Torten that would make the Mad Hatter proud.

The atmosphere was further elevated by "Clara Miet Deko", a Berlin-based rental decor company. Their exclusive floral arrangements and a breathtaking floral press wall transformed the space into a magical wonderland. The ambiance was vibrant, authentic, and perfectly set the stage for an evening of discovery and delight.

Guests were captivated by Tatiana’s exquisite collections, proudly displayed in the new showroom. The opportunity to try on these exclusive pieces added to the thrill of the event, allowing attendees to experience firsthand the craftsmanship and creativity behind each design. It was also the perfect moment for Tatiana to announce her limited rental selection, now available on her website, offering a unique chance for anyone in Germany to don a bespoke piece for special occasions.

A surprise performance by a talented singer Malina who performed 4 songs was a nice act to remember. Adding an extra touch to the eventAdding to the enchantment, a skilled artist Manita was on hand to create live sketches of guests wearing their favorite hats. These personalized artworks became cherished mementos of an unforgettable evening and 25% of the sales went direclty to the Deutsche Hirnstiftung.

Berlin may not be widely known for its hat culture, but Tatiana is changing that narrative. Following the success of the World Hat Walk on April 7th which garnered significant attention and supported the German Brain Research Charity, she continues to foster a vibrant community of hat enthusiasts. Regular hat tea parties, workshops, and master classes are now part of BeretkAh’s offerings, providing opportunities for people to learn, create, and celebrate the art of millinery.


The grand opening was a resounding success, filled with laughter, stunning hats, and delicious treats. BeretkAh has firmly established itself as a hidden gem on Berlin’s shopping map, offering both bespoke and ready-made headpieces, with select items available for rent. For those who appreciate the intricate craftsmanship of hat making, BeretkAh’s new showroom is a must-visit destination.


Join us in celebrating this remarkable addition to Kurfürstendamm and immerse yourself in the world of BeretkAh, where every hat tells a story and every visit is an adventure.

Photos by Nastassia Chantal 


Guests are welcome to download the images from the photographer’s website