Craftsmanship as a trend 2021

For several years there has been noticed a significant interest towards handcrafted items. This can be explained by the extreme presence of technology and overstrain of consumers by mass products. Therefore, the presence of handmade elements in clothing and accessories create a sense of involvement in the history, traditions and "eternal" values from buyers of luxury brands. Interestingly mass market brands seem to also increasingly support local producers and manual labor. During the pandemic the world has changed, so have the values in the world of fashion and the perception of buyers. Items created by hand or with a significant extent of manual labor became a serious alternative to the "mass" suite. Nowadays luxury has shifted in a more casual direction.


Showful luxury and deliberate "ideality" has lost its appeal, whereas skills and uniqueness take an upper hand. Buyers seem to spend less on the momentary fashion that cannot be regarded as a basic wardrobe, making a choice in favor of the quality and high aesthetic standards "for every day." Consumers tend to show more interest towards good, high-quality clothing. The ecological aspect of  fashion starts playing a more important role, which has not been the focus of attention of luxury brands except a few designer brands. According to stylists, after long restrictions and  lack of cultural life, consumers will be catching up on it in a traditional understanding. But given the damage caused by the economy this will require even more financial investments.


All hats and accessories BeretkAh...! are handmade and reflect a modern look at the production and fashion. You can get acquainted with current collections or request a personalized or bespoke order by contacting Tatiana directly.