On the 28th of October I had a great pleasure to present my very special collection of unusual accessories within the MOSCOW FASHION WEEK SS18. 

It was a great honour to work on this collection together with a very talented Russian designer Svetlana Evstigneeva, who specialises in evening, occasional and bridal wear and has a very established presence in the Moscow's fashion scene . 

The main inspiration for our collaboration was nature and particularly flowers trapped in ice. Therefore the collection was named Iced Flowers. 

I had been wanting to experiment with all different material for a while but since I tend to specialise in more bridal headwear it was obviously a bit difficult to come out of the comfort zone and let my creative passion free. Exploring a new exciting material PLEXIGLAS was one amazing adventure! Since Plexiglas is a type of acrylic plastic it is possible to shape in all different forms while heating it up. Clearly this was a very curious process and I had to go through a few different types of plastic sheets, tools and props. An once you start feeling the material it actually lets you deal with it. if you are curious about the process, feel free to check this video out:)

The task however turned out to be more difficult since the moment I tried to place real preserved flowers into it. A harder quest was to find these very nice and colourful dried flowers and at this very point I was getting slightly stressed out, especially because there was not so long till the show. Luckily I found this amazing shop on etsy (that is actually in Berlin) with all the variety of different flowers, leaves, seeds etc that were just perfect for my task. The shop owner was so kind to meet me in person and literally go through all the flowers available to pick the best for my project. Especially happy I was because I did find the perfect preserved leaves and flowers that keep their natural colour, since that's what you imagine ice will do once freezing a flower....

It was clearly much harder to shape the forms whilst having real flowers in but the effect was amazing. I created quite a few dangle earrings because they were such a great addition to some of the looks. Headpieces were quite unpredictable in form and I was very keen to get the best feel to a natural shape of the floral piece and sudden feel of the frozen that trapped them in.

Whilst exploring different hat shapes I also created a few "necklaces" that perfectly matched the dresses. 

One of the key pieces was the top that was born the night before the actual show.

The collection also featured bels, bangles and accessories that were decoration the dresses.

In fact  inspiration comes from what’s around me – the vintage eras, the nature, the patterns of the flora, the  wilderness, wild flowers and the contrast that these things create. This collection remains rooted in the beauty of nature and the feeling of pure happiness and freedom that comes from this.

The final dress just like a big fluffy cloud deserved the key headpiece and incrusted with Swarovski crystals it literally amazed the audience in the lights of the catwalk.

For the final headdresses I was using a slightly different type of plexiglas - a structured one that gives you a very nice frosty feel and catches the light in a very special beautiful way. The model presented it in a very devine way and I couldn't wish for more in terms of the models' perfect performance on the catwalk.

The diversity of the beautiful dresses was incredible. Most of them will be then worn for special occasions, weddings and awards ceremonies.

We are also very thankful to all those who supported us during the event and the after party.


Key partner:


ELIOKAP - Thank you for the beautiful hair care presents for the guests.


Floral Studio SLAVA ROSCA - Thank you for your floral design at the catwalk show

Makeup artists





Restaurant partner for the after party


NORDEKA - tasty food, soft atmosphere in the city centre of Moscow


The photobooth entertainment

Alexander Stetsun  - MC

DJ General Max - DJ (Association of Event DJs)


Photo Credit Igor Strajin



I am also truly grateful to my family and friends and my amazing team who were supporting me throughout this amazing journey and witnessed the beauty of the hard work during the catwalk show at Moscow Fashion Week.