Wedding after coronavirus. How to reduce your costs?

Coronavirus has made serious adjustments to our daily lives. The situation particularly affected plans of couples , who in the near future were going to legitimize their relationship. A wedding, like any holiday, is a crowd of people that is best avoided now, so if wedding celebrations are allowed, then the number of guests will have to be limited. In Britain, weddings can be held only after August 31st in the presence of no more than 5 people. As for weddings in Russia, most likely, the ban on them will be lifted already in the beginning of summer, but at best it will be chamber holidays. If something global is supposed, it is better to plan action for the fall. For those who do not intend to deviate from the plan, there are pluses. Firstly, such a format is easier to transfer or cancel - no one knows how the situation will develop further. Your transfer costs for guests, food and entertainment, including musicians, will probably not be costing you much then. The cost of decor will also be lifted due to smaller venues booked or decor will not be in place as such. However floral arrangements, including the bride’s bouquet, will be in more of a focus and more interesting. Weddings are likely to be local, which is why local contractors will win. If you have planned a wedding abroad, you should postpone the event to a later date due to the fact that transport links between the countries in the near future may be limited. The good news is that after opening borders, most contractors in different countries are likely to lower their service tariffs, which will cut your costs. The trend towards minimalism, which is already taking place, will intensify after the pandemic. Brides will refuse luxurious outfits with complex drapes in favor of more concise styles. Hats will remain an integral part of the British wedding, but they will probably also become more restrained: these are tablet hats, veillets and unobtrusive accessories. In connection with the expected surge in activity in the budget segment, the brand “BeretkAh ...!” prepared economical, but always stylish, proposals.


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