What accessories do brides from different countries choose

The classic image of a bride in a white dress with a veil is no longer unconditional and is not familiar to everyone. In the modern culture of different countries there are new preferences regarding the appearance of the bride. Guided by 10 years of experience in the existence of the brand "BeretkAh...!", we consider what accessories are popular in different countries. Modern Russian brides often prefer crowns and a variety of embroidered products. The crown is a symbol of strength, nobility and wisdom. Choosing this accessory, girls want to look majestic, but at the same time feminine and elegant. Not long ago, Juliet's hat in various variations returned to the French wedding fashion, in favor of which brides increasingly abandon the traditional veil. Such an accessory gives the image of sophistication and romanticism. Brides in England, paying tribute to tradition, tend to choose elegant tablet caps and veils. Such accessories are an exquisite addition to any look, including a wedding one. An American-style wedding is always bright, so brides opt for original accessories. So the crystal crowns “BeretkAh...!” Became a hit, which create a unique style and set the tone for the whole celebration. Modern outfits by German brides are very often complemented with accessories with Gatsby embroidery. Such products will fill any image with aristocracy, charm and elegance.


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