What the social events will look like after the pandemic?

The coronavirus epidemic paused life. Many initiatives will strengthen their presence in virtual formats, but they have not yet come up with a quality remote replacement for social events. For some time after the pandemic, they are likely to be more closed, with a limited number of guests. But it will not affect the desire of people to look great  and stylish. Those who rely on wearing exquisite hats will remain true to themselves. The same applies to guests of events, the attendance of which requires a certain dress code. Our brand will continue to create unique products to order. For those who are tired of retreat and want to plunge into the abyss of social life again, now is the best time to please yourself with a unique headdress or accessory. In fact there is now a better chance to have a bespoke unique accessory made for you because our studio has more time available for unusual and personal requests.

Photo: Alexandra Richter

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