7 mistakes couples make when planning a wedding

Every couple dreams of a flawless wedding. But preparing for it is not only a time of creativity and a happy anticipation of one of the main events in life. To insure against mistakes, it is important to know some of the nuances in advance. The most common mistakes in preparing for the wedding have been highlighted in this blog post  by the founder of MyVenice agency, Maria Mikheeva. MyVenice is a team of experts in the organization of premium events throughout Italy.


Mistake #1

The biggest mistake is to think that inviting a wedding planner is more expensive than organizing a wedding yourself. 

Firstly, a real professional will save a couple from mistakes that will cost them money and can negatively affect the course of the event. Secondly, the wedding organizer has all the necessary connections and contacts, because he has already established relationships with contractors. Due to this, he manages to work on favorable terms and competently distribute the budget allocated for the event. And thirdly, by inviting a specialist, you save your time and nerves.


Mistake #2

Following imposed trends literally

Do not try to duplicate a decor or concept after someone in the hope that if they did well, then you will succeed. Maximum personalization is more important than ever in any field. When organizing an event, you should be focused solely on your own preferences, tastes and desires. Each element should  match your character – this is the only way to create an event  of your dreams.


Mistake #3

Lack of a clear plan for organizing the event

The approach to organizing a wedding should be the same as building a house. The key to a solid building is a high-quality and well-designed work plan. Therefore, before proceeding with the laying of the foundation and starting construction, you must work out the design documentation to the smallest detail. Only after that building materials are selected and the foundation pit is made. Likewise, a wedding cannot start with selecting flower vases. First of all, you should build a concept and choose a site suitable for it. And after agreeing on the fundamental issues, you can proceed to the next stages.


Mistake #4

Inattention to the timing of the event

Any overlay can completely cross out joyful emotions from the event and leave an unpleasant aftertaste. In order to understand what needs each participant in the event may have and take into account all the nuances, try to put yourself in the shoes of new weds, and then the guests and live the event minute by minute. For example, if a wedding is in summer and guests have a long move, it is important to make sure they have water. The invitees must quickly find their vehicle – for this you need to prepare signs and put up a hostess who will meet guests and escort them to their destination.


Mistake #5

Lack of division of responsibilities

When organizing any event, you should assign areas of responsibility. So in our agency there are always managers, each of whom is responsible for a specific aspect, be it a transfer or food and drinks. This person makes sure that there are no overlaps and deviations from timing in his area of ​​responsibility.


Mistake #6


The invitees do not need to know in advance what and when awaits them during the event. We always try to keep our guests “on their tip toes”  and anticipate that something else is about to happen. Our agency puts a lot of effort into a show program, but even if you do not expect a large-scale show, it should be interesting and exciting. Sometimes a few numbers are enough. They can be performed by both artists and guests.


Mistake #7

If lighting is not good enough 

Floristics and decor tend to receive a lot of attention, but the important aspect of lighting is often overlooked. The decor can look great during the day, and look less impressive in the evening due to a lack of light or incorrect lighting.


This list can be extended but we hope by highlighting these aspects we reminded our clients what can be helpful in making decisions. And again we would like to stress the point that we at BeretkAh…! will make everything possible for our clients to have messy worries. Thanks to a big experience of working with brides that is always a great asset.



Concept & planning: MyVenice

Photo & videomaker: Gabriele Malagoli

Location: The St. Regis Venice

Florist: Evelina Florence

Makeup & Hair styling: Silvia Raiba

Wedding gowns: Galia Lahav

Outfit for groom: Ca' dei Sarti

Headpiece: BeretkAh...!

Bridal shoes: Bella Belle

Lingerie: Julia Stefanello Atelier

Rings: Taya Gioielli

Model agency: Iso Model Management

Models: Massimiliano AbagnaleElisabetta Rossi

Mise en place: Tableset Luxury Rentals

Tablecloth and ribbons: Allegoria

Wedding Stationary: Pink Ink Studio