What is an editorial and how does it differ from regular fashion photography

An editorial is one of the types of fashion photography. It is the print press that made a fashion editorial one of the integrated parts of any fashion magazine. An editorial primarily serves fashion brands that advertise in magazines. By being a creative imagery of garments it attracts potential buyers with a creative approach. Thus, we see what this or that brand offers, but this is not a “head-on” advertisement. At the heart of any photo shoot for an editorial there is a fashion story – a story told through clothes. Unlike lookbooks, which are also filmed to present clothing to the end consumer, the item is shown in a specific context that should delight the consumer. Such pictures often adorn the spreads of glossy magazines and most creative photographers are in charge of them.


This type of a photo session can be created by an editors team or a brand. Brands trust the editors of magazines to develop ideas so that their products receive a semantic and emotional load. That's why first rows at fashion weeks are given to press people because most of them get inspired by fresh collections and vision new editorials in their heads, what is clearly something commercial brands would want. In order to implement a fashion story for a magazine a lot of backstage work is conducted by many team members on different stages, not to mention that requirements for such materials in large publications are quite high. One of the key elements to create an editorial is a visual mood board. 


Such a presentation helps all the participants in the process – photographers, models, stylists and makeup artists, assistants etc. – to get a clear idea and plan to achieve a great result. Only through careful elaboration of the concept and painstaking preparation for shooting can you fully embody the creative idea and convey the necessary emotions. Tatiana Ashakova always tries to create a vision for her accessories and put them in a context. Creating editorials helps Tatiana embody this vision. When she used to be working as an assisting stylist in the Herald newspaper in Scotland, she had the opportunity to make those garments become “alive ” by putting them in the context within this or that editorial.


Not only it helps to observe how an item changes within its new environment, it is also a very intriguing process. If Tatiana creates things for advertising campaigns as a designer or works on set as a stylist, she always strives to create a distinct story. Thus, customers  who plan to order certain creations can appreciate this approach and already be able to put themselves in a context,  which hopefully makes their choice easier. Presented through photography, Tatiana’s creations become more emotionally intense. But in order to present a product in the right context, it is important to understand the target audience of a particular publication. A competent fashion stylist can present  the same headdress in completely different stories in a totally different light.


We hope put brands’ lovers are always curious to find new creature editorials that's aim to amaze and inspire by its quality and ideas. 


Photography: Alexandra Richter 

Model: Julia Rabello 

Clothing: Labohaime Berlin