How and with what to wear hats

Wearing hats is a real art, but if desired, anyone can master it. The fashion industry now offers a huge variety of options from hats and panamas to turbans and headbands. Let's figure out where and when these or those accessories are appropriate. An almost win-win option is a fedora hat that goes well with classic suits and office dresses, light cardigans, Bermuda shorts, and, of course, autumn trench coats and coats. The neat black hat is easy to fit into almost any look. It doesn't matter what you wear today – a hot pink blouse or a multi-colored skirt. Paired with an ethnic T-shirt and a plaid shirt at the waist, it perfectly complements the boho style, folding into the perfect outfit for the weekend. Be prepared for the fact that Fedora will play the role of the first violin in the image: in fact, you need to match things to the hat, and not vice versa. 

Another headpiece with which you can create many stylish looks is a turban. You can wear it both with a swimsuit, summer dresses and T-shirts, supplementing, for example, with large earrings, and with trouser suits, coats and fur capes. It will become a bright accent against the background of a blank canvas – a white shirt, blouse, T-shirt or T-shirt. Turbans work well with oversized earrings and sunglasses. Take a closer look at  pill-box hats. If in the 60s they were worn on smoothly combed hair, gathered in a strict hairstyle, now democratic fashion allows you to combine such hats with luxurious curls, a ponytail and short haircuts. A look with an elegant pill box hat will always inspire admiration and make the look play in a new way. A look with an elegant pill hat will always be admired. This headpiece will make your outfit play in a new way.  But it is unlikely to fit jeans and a T-shirt – the pill hat looks best with evening dresses and trouser suits. Earlier, an elegant hat was an indispensable lady's attribute for going to a theatre. Nowadays, a strict dress code is not required, but a pill hat is always appropriate for this occasion. Tiaras, wreaths and crowns are mainly associated with celebrities and royal persons, but ordinary girls can easily find use for them. These accessories can be in different styles – today designers offer a choice for every taste and budget. Thus, every girl can afford such accessories. They will invariably create a memorable image for a special occasion or a night out. Such accessories will never look superfluous in a festive setting. The main rule is not to overload the look with other accessories.

Tiaras and crowns are appropriate not only with evening dresses. You can use them both on loose and styled hair. By creating different looks, you can be inspired by the ideas of different brands. For example, at Miu Miu shows, you can see a combination of delicate tiaras with translucent chiffon dresses and cardigans. Dolce & Gabbana combines tiaras decorated with stones and flowers, not only with lace dresses, but also with classic embroidered suits. Modern fashion has blurred the boundaries of the classic style of wearing this hair accessory. Previously, it was intended only for special events or ceremonies, now, it all depends on your imagination and inspiration. Don't lose confidence in yourself, feel free to choose this accessory for a night out. As usually our brand offers a huge array of different  headwear for different occasions and even if you don’t find something what you want, we will be happy to make a bespoke creation for you.


Photography: Julia Bock, Katerina Terekhova, Natalia Lipchanskaya