Key features to become a successful wardrobe stylist today

Katy Kiri is a famous Moscow fashion stylist, personal shopper and editor who works with many showbiz stars. Her training course “Stylist in your pocket” is a success among those who want to dress stylish and look their best. Katy's collaboration with the founder of the BeretkAh...! brand Tatiana Ashakova began back in 2018 during Paris Fashion Week, where the brand presented its collection of accessories, and continues to this day. The stylist shared with the blog readers the secrets of her successful work and personal observations.


“In order to become a stylist, in addition to an incredible craving for fashion, you must have an inexhaustible source of energy, inspiration and strength. Such human qualities as openness and cheerfulness, dedication, enthusiasm and the ability to make decisions quickly are important. Good stylists are people with a strong character. Physical training is indispensable – the beautiful picture hides hard work, both creatively, emotionally and physically. There are many types of stylists: fashion stylists, personal stylist, blogger stylist, and so on. There are even food stylists who work with food. They all have their own specifics. So a fashion stylist is a person who stylizes shooting. This can be, for example, photo sessions for magazines, creative projects, video clips. A personal stylist is responsible for an individual style of a particular person, working out his image, sorting out his wardrobe and creating a shopping list. Some stylists manage to combine several areas of work. I work as a fashion and personal stylist.


Perhaps it is also easier for fashion stylists to become bloggers, since they are constantly on the set, surrounded by cool pictures and have something to show. Instagram stylists most often make selections from their own wardrobe or online stores. I also try to find time for such things, because I know that it is in demand. But, unfortunately, because of my other areas of work, I cannot pay enough attention to this. Successful stylists-bloggers make such collections every day. Fashion stylists often have nothing to do with personal stylists. The skills of these people can be completely different, therefore, when turning to a stylist, it is important to choose someone who works in the direction you are interested in and will help solve a specific problem. The most important advice for fresh stylists is to do a lot of creative work and switch to commerce only when you have ormed portfolio. It is best to combine creative work with commercial work. When a stylist deals only with commerce, his creative flow stops. This is dangerous too”.


Photography: Anna Pavlova