5 key rules for a fresh photographer to break into fashion scene

Today photography is one of the most demanded working tools both in the fashion industry and in any other field. Every entrepreneur uses the services of photographers to create business portraits. If we talk about photographers who would like to get into the fashion industry, then in addition to basic education in the field of photography, which is now available both in educational institutions and in numerous courses, it is necessary to educate yourself as a professional on your own. As an experienced stylist and designer, Tatiana Ashakova can share some tips with photographers who would like to work in the fashion industry. They will be useful to everyone, regardless of whether it is a beginner photographer or an established professional who wants to delve into the field of fashion.


1. The first and most important point is self-presentation.If you don't have any finished artwork, you can start by creating mood boards to show the aesthetics you're aiming for. Of course, the technical side of photography also depends on the equipment you work with, but first of all it is important to give an idea of ​​how you see this world. Even on social media, Pinterest or Instagram, your look and your personal story should be traced.


2. Self-criticism. Be sure to work on the flaws that prevent you from achieving what you want. If you just want to stay afloat, then posts on Instagram with photos will not attract the attention of key players. Instead of 10 mediocre photos, post one really good one – then it will make an impact. Stylists and models, who often need to expand their portfolios with  projects, are selective and attentive to detail.


3. Communication. If a person is determined to get into the world of fashion, he should at least use various communication methods in order to attract attention. For example, you can comment on photos of those with whom you would like to work on Instagram. If it's a designer or stylist, he will always be pleased to receive a compliment. If the images created by this or that stylist correspond to your vision, you can write to him, offering to shoot his project for free. Especially when it comes to street style.  If a professional feels comfortable working with you, this person will most likely contact you again. For work in the fashion industry, contacts are as important as comprehensive education. It gives you a good base, but you shape up as a professional in practice, "stuffing bumps". Freelancers have to build their own contact base.


4. Awareness in the fashion world. Even if you cannot afford a stylist and if no one is ready to work with you for free, I recommend you to  learn to talk to people from a fashionable environment in their language. Even if you understand fashion at an everyday level, you can simply repost the designers or stylists who inspire you by reposting their work, or collecting moodboards that match your vision on Pinterest.


5. Punctuality. To gain the trust of professionals, you must be as punctual, polite and responsible as it is expected in this field If you invite a team to create images for your project, then you must understand that the payment for the studio will most likely fall on you. It is also worth taking care of tea or coffee for the team. According to the unwritten rules in this industry, such moments are taken over by the one who expressed the idea to  make the project


If these rules were helpful to you, feel free to share them with your peers! As usually BeretkAh…! is open for collaborations and we would love to hear from you. Check out our designs that can make any photo shoot be amazing.