Berlin style wedding

Just like fashion, the wedding industry in Berlin can be easily characterized  as underground. If you take a general cut of the newlyweds who chose Berlin as the location for their wedding celebration, they are mainly hipsters and informals – people from different countries with completely different backgrounds who meet here. There are many multinational marriages in Berlin, and it is the multiculturalism of Berlin that pushes newlyweds to leave the traditional framework and arrange weddings in a completely new format. It can be a boat trip for two or a party for friends in an abandoned factory. Wedding fashion to match the format of the celebration. White dresses with a veil are replaced by custom-cut dresses of various colors and original accessories such as a hat, crown or quirky plexiglass headdress. The bride can be wearing Converse sneakers or Dr. Martens boots.


Often, newlyweds are millennials who do not focus on well-known brands and heavy luxury. Founder of “BeretkAh…! Tatiana Ashakova has long been collaborating with fashion designer Anne Wolf, who creates chill out bridal outfits.  She also has classic ideas, but in most cases these are wedding dresses with a simple but non-trivial cut, which are complemented by calm, minimalistic accessories. For a joint photo project of the two designers, there were chosen accessories that reflect the style of a Berlin bride – a white cowboy hat with geometric elements fits perfectly into this context. This shot was featured on the Rockandroll bride – alternative wedding blog, which is very well known for its fresh look at weddings and where BeretkAh...! accessories could be found in the past, as well as in its printed issues.


Clearly BeretkAh…! has a choice for those unconventional brides and Tatiana herself loves creating something unique, because these customers are the reason why this brand is constantly evolving and adopts freshest trends.

Photography & video: The Richters

Dress, styling & flowers: Anne Wolf

Make up: Tatiana Turko Ashakova

Hat & geometric headpiece: BeretkAh…!