Fashion in Berlin

Berlin is a city of creative freedom, underground art and fashion. It attracts creative people from all over the world and has become home to many designers who do not work for big brands and create fashion themselves. It is far from classical canons and is as eclectic as possible. Young people who come to Berlin to study to become designers choose this city because there is no set framework here. If people go to Paris to absorb haute couture fashion and the style of traditional French fashion houses, and to London – its punk style, inspired by ancient eras, with a verified English charm, then Berlin attracts creatives as a young fashion capital with an emphasis on a certain high-tech. Several years ago, large companies such as Deutsche Telekom were seen sponsoring funds for designers using innovative new technologies. This trend is still quite noticeable. Therefore, we can safely call Berlin the capital of alternative fashion, where the turning point of outdated formats is at the forefront. Here they value first of all the nuggets that make their way, and not the designers who for example did internships with some famous fashion houses. Local fashion magazines also convey the spirit of Berlin. The style of photo projects and editorial that they publish is very different from the predictable clichéd visuals. With her wow factor headwear founder of “BeretkAh…!  Tatiana Ashakova also adds her input into eclectics of  fashion looks for editorial, which she produces and styles also herself. It is in the cooperation that one starts to understand in a very peculiar way a soul of a city that inspires, which is Berlin.

Photography: Ally Friedmann