Elopement shoot in Paris

Valentine's Day is approaching and it’s the best moment to remind your soulmate of your feelings. One of the most pleasant and memorable gifts on this day will be a joint photo session, which will preserve the joyful moments spent together in the frame. Over the years, photographer Daria Lorman captured moments of tenderness and happiness of many couples, leaving them vivid impressions of Paris and its environs. In order for couples to get stylish and atmospheric photos, Daria always pays special attention to preparing for the shoot. No matter if it's a wedding photo shoot, a romantic walk in Paris or a love story in one of the secret locations outside the city, it helps her to make your love story special.



A few tips for lovers to prepare for a joint photo shoot


 * Discuss the subject and shooting style with the photographer. It can be a walk around the city, a picnic on a green lawn, a boat ride, or a filming in a country villa.  The number of options is not limited – the main thing is to choose the one that will reflect your interests and mood.


 * Choose a location for a photo session that matches the concept of shooting.  A professional experienced photographer knows many colorful locations for creating sensual photos.


 * Carefully consider the props and accessories, the choice of which directly depends on the theme and location. Typically, professional photographers work with trusted contractors who provide any kind of props from flowers to tableware.


 * Think over your images with the photographer – it is important to choose the right wardrobe and accessories so that your appearance is in harmony with the style of the photo shoot and the weather conditions. Daria is the best advisor here.


 * An important aspect is the shooting time. An experienced photographer knows what time of the day the lighting for a photo shoot will be most suitable, so it is worth listening to Daria’s opinion.

These are just a few tips for a successful photo session. But of course, do not forget about the professionalism of the photographer and his ability to focus on important details.

Planning & Photography: Daria Lorman

Concept & Floral Design: Esther Lamarche

Videography: Cedric Durand 

MUaH: Isabelle Boireau

Yellow Dress: @myoocouture

Pink Dress & Veil: @geraldinedaulon

Shoes: Bella Belle

Accessories: BeretkAh...!

Crystal earrings: Della Bella Gioielli

Cake: Mery Cakes

Table rentals: Madame de la Maison

Stationery: Preszburger

Models: Safia и Caspar Roth