The story of one hat

It's no secret that every creative person has many interests and hobbies. So is the designer of the brand “BeretkAh…!” Tatiana Ashakova can be called a “man-orchestra”. One of the areas of her work for many years has been the wedding industry. By 2014 Tatiana had already managed to work in Europe, assessing the pros and cons of the European format, and she was interested in using her experience in Russia, thus contributing to the development of this industry in her homeland. With the support of her team, she created a stylish wedding festival WFest, which brought together the best contractors and the most experienced professionals but also became a platform for talented fresh vendors. Tatiana became Director of Marketing and Branding.


Having developed the concept of an advertising campaign for the launch of the festival, the Moscow WFest team held the first photo session. Tatiana was in Berlin and could not be present on the set, but she still contributed to the creation of the model's wedding image. Of course, she complemented the bride's outfit with the “BeretkAh…!” pillbox hat. Such a headdress in Russian reality at that time could be considered as something from the category of a costume design. It was pretty unconventional so the team did not have complete confidence in the success of this advertising campaign among an unprepared audience, but Tatiana still hoped that such an image would attract the attention of modern brides-to-be who were ready to experiment. A light turquoise colour hat with an embroidered letter W is the epitome of what the designer saw for a modern bride.


It can be said that she also played a role of an imaginary bridge between Europe and Russia. Tatiana still keeps this “historical” headdress in her workshop. For her it remains a symbol of a challenge thrown down to prove to herself and others that she can carry out such a large project and show the general public that experiments can make one of the main events in the life of every person truly unforgettable. The way the wedding industry in Russia is developing now evokes sincere admiration even among Western professionals. Tatiana is pleased to realize that this is her merit as well. Looking at her hat, created for the festival, she experiences a strong emotional upsurge every time and relives the best moments associated with the project, which left an important mark both in her creative biography and in the Russian wedding industry.



Photography: Maria Shkoda