Fashion shooting as an art project

Fashion photography is a genre of photography, the purpose of which is not only to use clothes or accessories, but to reflect a feel of this of that collection. In the shooting, carried out in collaboration with Berlin photographer Alexandra Richter, the team managed to convey the cosmic flair of headpiece, which Tatiana created last year for a project with French hairdressers. The designer used a very special technique she developed back in 2017 when she was creating the first collection to be presented at Moscow Fashion Week. Since then, these pieces have gained popularity among fashionistas and stylists from all over the world. Each created image meets the high standards of the fashion and beauty industry. As a producer of the shooting, Tatiana loves experiments and expects the same from her team. This shooting was no exception: the photographer experimented with the light, exposure and reaction of the green-and-green plant Perhaps thanks to the constant search and creative passion that unite two professionals in their field, their friendship and cooperation have lasted for many years. No wonder that all these amazing images get to grace pages of forward thinking fashion magazines like the Scorpio Jin Magazine, where these images were published. 


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