International Women's Day at Hotel Adlon Kempinski

On the 8th of March the brand “BeretkAh…!” was invited to celebrate International Women's Day in one of the most famous hotels in Germany. The Hotel Adlon Kempinski is a fashionable hotel in the city center located in the historic Dorotheenstadt district on the Unter den Linden boulevard near the Brandenburg Gate. By the beginning of the 20th century, it was the fashion for the upper strata of society in Europe to host balls, formal dinners and other festive events in luxury hotels. In line with the new fashion trend, many European capitals have acquired luxury hotels with every possible comfort. Berlin did not want to lag behind, and with the support of Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1905, for the construction of a luxury hotel, entrepreneur Lorenz Adlon, the owner of several Berlin restaurants and coffee houses, acquired two land plots on the Boulevard Unter den Linden, where the Redern Palace, which was previously built by Schinkel, was located. The construction of the hotel under the direction of architects Karl Gause and Robert Leibniz took two years. The Hotel Adlon blends harmoniously with its surroundings, capturing the clear lines of the Brandenburg Gate.


The event dedicated to International Women's Day, which became a public holiday and an official day off in Germany only last year, became a real gift for everyone who wished to spend this day in a stylish and unique atmosphere. Tatiana Ashakova presented to the guests the next capsule collection, which was preparing for the races in 2020 together with designer Ilona Matsur, as well as products from the new collection with imitation of glass. The very first collection in this series was created in collaboration with the German brand Myoo Couture and presented during Paris Fashion Week 2018. The festive mood was strengthened by exquisite confectionery products and beautiful table set design by Clara Miet Deco to create the atmosphere of a socialite. The final chord of the event was the appearance of Tatiana’s and Ilona’s daughters before the audience wearing "BeretkAh...!" headpieces and "Matsour'i" dresses.


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Photography: Alexandra Richter