Real wedding in Austria

Alongside being a designer behind her brand “BeretkAh…!”, Tatiana Ashakova continues to work with clients and particularly with  brides as a stylist. Most of all, she is inspired by brides with non-standard requests. Tatiana met Ksenia when she flew from Austria to Berlin for  her wedding look trial. This meeting was important, since Ksenia has thick long hair and not every master could handle fact Kseniya was keen to have an updo. Thanks to Tatiana's 15 years of experience in this field, she was especially pleased to meet a client who set a challenge. Tatiana was also obviously pleased to be able to suggest matching the style accessory from the summer collection “BeretkAh…!”, which organically fit into the hairstyle. Ksenia grew up in Krasnogorsk, the city where Tatyana spent the last few years before moving abroad. And her fiancé Dominik is Austrian.


The wedding was organized by Anna Liebert, whose agency specializes in weddings abroad. This is a Russian-speaking organizer with extensive experience who currently lives in Germany. Tatiana has close professional and friendly relations with her. Anna always has well thought out, warm and stylish weddings. The locations that she offers to her couples are extremely exquisite. Tatiana was booked to come to Austrian Tyrol to help the bridal party shine their best: all ladies including mums were looked after and Tatiana did her best doing their styling on such an important day. Since the weather is very unpredictable up in the mountains, it was a bit of a challenge to adapt to it. Not only a big cloud fell on the mountain peak where the ceremony was about to take place but also it started to rain. However it only added an extra touch to the atmosphere of the ceremony where neither the bride, no groom could hide their tears.


The ceremony was moderated by Ksenia’s English teacher from a family where she used to stay in, she flew from England to be a part of the big day. A somewhat grey day was a lovely family gathering, which members wrapped themselves in cozy blankets and took multi-colored umbrellas, which looked very colorful against the background of the surrounding mountains. As an aftertaste after the wedding, the team members could not get to the airport in time because of a landslide that blocked the only road and some had to spend more time in this beautiful place. However all of them have the warmest memories of this wedding. It was not just everyday work, it was a really interesting creative project.


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Photography: Vladimir Zakharov