Glass flowers – most trendy accessories for brides today

Designer Tatiana Ashakova is constantly in search of new forms and materials. Without receiving a special education, she learned everything herself. This is what allowed her to make her own discoveries and make the brand recognizable. The history of imitation glass collections that have won the hearts of fashionable brides and become, to some extent, the designer's trademark, began with a client request from Etsy. The girl was looking for an accessory suitable for the style and asked Tatiana if she could make flowers from glass. In search of information about materials that imitate glass, Tatiana found craftswomen from Siberia who created the vitral polymer. It is analogous to the organic one-component resin known in America as DIP. Having studied this technique, Tatiana brought it to a new level and came up with designs that meet the requirements of progressive girls, first of all, brides –it is with them that these accessories are especially popular. The designer has applied innovative techniques, including fixing this rather fragile material with shellac and colouring.  Tatiana's assistants create each flower by hand, dipped it in polymer, dried, and then covered with color, for which they use glitter or shadows – this reflects the fact thata Tatiana is also a make-up artist.  At the end, the mold is fixed with shellac and sent under a UV lamp. Thus, the idea was born and collections are created that are loved by brides from all over the world. Sofar 2 collections have been created, and the first one was presented in 2018 in Paris within PWF. At the moment Tatiana is also working on the next one. 


If you would like to find out more about the process, then check the brand’s Instagram where Tatiana shares her working progress. And if you are a fan and would like to own one of these totally unique creations, feel free to check out the Etsy shop and available designs to order.


For Scorpio Jin magazine

Photography: Alexandra Richter

Dresses: Myoo Couture