Horse racing in Germany: jockey and hat competition

Horse racing is not only the thrill of the competition and the opportunity to place bets, but also a non-trivial way to spend time with the family. This tradition owes its popularity all over the world to England and the royal family. The most famous horse racing in the world with over 300 years of history is Royal Ascot in Berkshire. They have long gone beyond purely sports competitions, becoming the most important social event with a strict dress code. Gradually, a similar format appeared in many European cities. So for more than 150 years, horse races have also been held at the Hoppegarten hippodrome in Berlin. In 2013, this largest hippodrome in Germany received the status of a national cultural monument. Every year organizers come up with new ways to draw more attention to their site. This season, they created a photo zone where everyone could take a picture and take part in a fashion competition in three categories: “best hat”, “best look” and “best couple look”. The choice was to be made by a fantastic jury consisting of Britt Kanja and Günther Krabbenhöft, Dagmar Frederik, Lana Müller, Britta Elm and Paulina Stolze.


On the eve of the Berlin races, the founder of the brand BeretkAh…! Tatiana Ashakova held a give away on Instagram. Its winner Anna Krasavtseva won a chance to compliment her look with one of Tatiana’s creations - a centipede hat from the new Insectorum collection inspired by the world of insects. In addition, she received a make-up from Tatiana , a photo shoot and a ticket to the races as a gift. It was her headdress that won the best hat nomination, whereas the designer herself received the award for the most stylish look - of course, in one of her creations. She arrived at the Hoppengarten with her three daughters, who also wore extravagant BeretkAh..! hats.

Berlin based fashion designer  Maria  Sinnstein with her daughter in BeretkAh..! headdresses  won in the best dressed couple category. Thus, all three headdresses entered for participation in the competition received recognition from the jury and the public, which was obviously a great surprise for the creator. Now Tatiana and her family plan to visit a Kempinksi hotel in Dresden - an amazing prize by the sponsor of this contest. 


And shortly after the Berlin races, equestrian competitions took place in Hamburg, which Tatiana visited with her husband. This time the winner of BererkAh…! next giveaway on Instagram  was shortlisted for the best hat with a headdress from the Insectorum collection. Both Tatiana and Franziska needed up on the winner’s stage as runner ups. 


The prizes were awarded  on stage by TV presenter Sabina Piller, who  was also  wearing a headdress from the BeretkAh…! brand, which perfectly complemented her look. 

“The tendency to support an interest in millinery within these types of events in Germany is actually very inspiring, - says Tatiana, - in fact these are rare occasions for Germany where one really can see an array of ladies wearing their beautiful hats.  And I would like to hope that this tendency will become a tradition too and will become welcomed not only during derby but also polo events and others”.

Photos by Vlad Starodumov