BeretkAh…! Took an Excellence Awards in a hat contest in Japan

Last August, Tatiana, the imaginative mind behind the Insectorum collection, fearlessly submitted her groundbreaking design to a prestigious hat competition organized by the esteemed Japanese global knife manufacturer, Kai Corporation. This competition, known as the "KAI Hat & Head-piece Competition 2023," stands out as a beacon for designers globally. As a headpiece designer, Tatiana's journey in this competition became a testament to the intersection of cultural diversity, artistic expression, and craftsmanship.


The competition, orchestrated by Kai Corporation, a global leader in knife manufacturing, and boasting a rich history in sewing scissors development, is a celebration of not only headwear but also the marriage of traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde design. The mission, as articulated by Kai Corporation, is to deliver the finest hats to everyone, fostering a new era in hat culture and nurturing the growth of hat designers.


In the realm of international design, participating in such competitions is a crucial step for designers seeking to showcase their creativity on a global stage. Tatiana's submission, part of the Insectorum collection, was a manifestation of her unique perspective and artistic flair. The translated text from the competition reveals that the event had a dual purpose: to bring forth fresh, inventive designs and to mentor the next generation of hat designers.


Tatiana's "Spider Web" headpiece, a standout from her Insectorum collection, earned her the prestigious Excellence Award from the competition's board committee, including notable figures such as Hat & Head-piece designer Nobuki Hinotsume, holder of the National Outstanding Artisan title, and Ryo Kurihara, President of Kurihara Co., Ltd., one of Japan's leading hat manufacturers, known for brands like OVERRIDE. This recognition not only acknowledged her exceptional talent but also paved the way for her headpiece to be showcased in the final viewing alongside 14 other designs primarily from Japan. Notably, Tatiana held the distinction of being the sole European contestant, adding a layer of cultural richness to the competition.


The theme of the competition, "COME OUT OF YOUR SHELL," resonates deeply with Tatiana's approach as a designer. It aligns with her belief in encouraging designers to explore and unveil their authentic selves through their creations. 

The diversity of designs that emerged from this theme showcased the myriad ways in which participants interpreted and embodied the essence of revealing one's true self.


The winning piece, "INFINITY" by Taisho Shimodairyo, as described in the translated text, drew inspiration from the world of the goddess Aphrodite, embracing themes of infinite possibilities and gentle inclusiveness. Tatiana's viewpoint aligns with this ethos, emphasizing the importance of creating designs that not only captivate aesthetically but also carry a profound narrative.


Furthermore, the Craftsmanship Prize-winning piece, "櫨染色に燃ゆ -2" by Tomoko Fujii, exemplifies the fusion of traditional Japanese techniques with contemporary design elements. Tatiana, as a designer with a penchant for blending tradition with innovation, finds resonance in the acknowledgment of Fujii's work, where the materials and craftsmanship tell a story of cultural heritage.


Transitioning to Tatiana's personal reflections on the competition, she emphasizes the significance of participating in international exhibitions. For her, it was not merely a showcase of her design prowess but also an opportunity to engage with diverse perspectives and respond to them in her creative manner. Being the only European contestant amidst predominantly Japanese participants added a layer of cultural exchange, enriching the overall experience.


In crafting her "Spider Web" headpiece, Tatiana aimed to go beyond traditional notions, weaving a narrative that transcends borders and speaks a universal language of artistry. Her design, a testament to the interconnectedness of nature and the human spirit, resonated with the competition's theme of breaking out of one's shell.


As we delve into the intricacies of Tatiana's journey through the KAI Hat & Head-piece Competition 2023, it becomes evident that her experience not only contributed to the global dialogue on headpiece design but also served as a bridge between European and Japanese design sensibilities. The accolade bestowed upon her reinforces the universal appeal of her work and underscores the importance of cultural exchange in the world of design.


In conclusion, Tatiana's venture into the KAI Hat & Head-piece Competition 2023 was not just a competition; it was a cultural odyssey, a testament to the power of design to transcend borders and create a shared language of beauty and innovation. As she continues to break barriers in the world of headpiece design, Tatiana remains an ambassador of creativity and cultural exchange, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage.