BeretkAh...! at Milan Fashion Week, September 2023

For almost fifty years, the capital of Lombardy has been at the center of the world's attention. Many prominent names have made their mark thanks to Milan Fashion Week. This year, MFW took place from September 19 to 25. The city hosted 65 shows of women's collections for Spring-Summer 2024, including 5 digital presentations. These were complemented by a series of presentations and other events. Alongside the collections of renowned designers, a crucial aspect of every fashion week is street style, reflecting current trends.


While models on the runways showcase collections from famous designers, the streets become a stage for creative individuals from around the world. Amidst a sea of unusual ideas and accessories, one accessory that garnered much attention at Milan Fashion Week was the BeretkAh...! accessory: a black veil adorned with rhinestones, paired with a monochromatic ensemble from the Kazakh brand We•Nera. The outfit comprised a shirt with a seductive shoulder cutout and wide culottes. The look was completed with a sleek tie and a quilted clutch from Corto Moltedo featuring a metallic skeletal hand.


We•Nera, in existence since 2021, draws inspiration from strong and active women. Comfortable clothing with a twist is their faithful companion on the journey to new discoveries. Corto Moltedo, named after its founder, designer Gabriele Corto Moltedo, has been creating attention-grabbing bags since its launch in 2006.


The image styled by the Kazakh stylist Nadezhda Khrabrova in the Prada style caught the lenses of hundreds of street style photographers and was featured in Harper’s Bazaar Kazakhstan.


Nadezhda shared insights into how the look was crafted:


"While working on each ensemble for Fashion Week, I primarily adhered to the DNA of the given brand. This look was prepared for the Prada show. Prada always features bold, decisive, and daring outfits, with a special emphasis on black and white aesthetics. We seamlessly integrated into this concept with the culottes and shirt from the We•Nera brand. The pants with a bold pleat-pleisse, transforming them into a skirt, outline an A-silhouette, a shape that has gained significant popularity in recent times, emphasizing femininity and sensuality, making the figure more refined. The pleated skirt is also popular and can be found in recent Prada collections. The exposed shoulder on the shirt supports the theme of sensuality, giving the look decisiveness and boldness through a straight line descending over the shoulder. In the conceptual and avant-garde cut of We•Nera, built on bold decisions, clear lines are discernible. To soften the look and add a touch of femininity, I chose a veiled beret. The temptation to opt for a large, voluminous headpiece, akin to Prada, was great, but upon seeing this BeretkAh...! veil, I decided to go with it. It's a daring and vibrant accessory that exudes mystery and sensuality: we want to glimpse the face beneath the veil, catch the gaze. The large mesh and massive rhinestones add audacity. The trend of clutches, which have recently returned to fashion, was supported by the Corto Moltedo clutch. The skeletal hand, adding texture, can be interpreted as a dark or rock style attribute. The black and gold palette of the clutch is complemented by golden earrings and rhinestones on the veil. The classic black tie completes the look. The trend of ties was introduced by Valentino, but it is also frequently seen at Prada."

Photographer: andy.nasta