Hercules Terres - the stylist who knows women inside out and his Divas

Hercules Terres is one of the most sought after wardrobe stylists in Berlin, who implements bold, strong and striking looks on his models - let it be commercial clients, editorials or his private ones. 

Hercules Terres has been working in the fashion industry for over 30 years and has most prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Elle Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, L'officiel, Marie Claire, and Glamour under his arm. 

Hercules has been a long friend to Beretkah and featured brand's creations in dozens of great editorials. We decided to have a chat with Brazil born, Berlin settled fashion stylist and about his new project, that changes the lives of Berlin ladies.


B: How did you get into the fashion industry?
H: I actually started as a makeup artist for Commercial TV and Advertising.

B: How was the Divas Day project born? Can you tell us 
H: The founding of Diva's Day was born from the desire to provide women of all ages with an exquisite and luxurious backstage experience, making them feel glamorous and unique during photo sessions. I realized that this extraordinary experience could reach individuals not directly rooted in the world of art, yet who harbour the longing to stand in the spotlight, to be styled and photographed, all while enjoying the same special treatment afforded to the great stars.

The primary concern of Diva's Day is to honour the individuality of each persona and to emphasize the natural elegance of every client, recognizing that beauty in its diverse forms is unique and should be celebrated.

The team at Diva's Day consists of highly experienced and devoted professionals, who passionately strive to ensure that every client feels utterly comfortable throughout the entire process. The guidance is holistic, guaranteeing that each person is led to express their best side in front of the camera.

At Diva's Day, the mission extends far beyond merely producing a captivating photoshoot; it aims to provide an unforgettable and empowering experience for all, regardless of previous experience in the fashion world. After all, everyone deserves to be portrayed with the brilliance and care that bring the true essence of their beauty to light.


B: What can you call your mission?
H: My mission is to bring self esteem to the persons.


B: What are  your style muses?
H: My inspiration is a great and unique Stylist Edward Enninful.



B: What are your favourite ways to stay on top of trends?
H: I always monitor Fashion TV, do my reserch on the Internet research including sites like Models.com and surely fashion magazines are a must to check.


B: What influences your own image?
H: I would say it is fashion with elegance and timeless style.

B: Which of your works do you find the most interesting and why?

H: Getting published in Vogue Magazine is the highlight for me. It was my objective as a professional stylist.

Seeing my work on Time Square, New York. I started to work with an advertising and commercial TV  and seeing my work on Time Square was a real conquest.
Setting up my first show during Berlin Fashion Week. This was my goal in Europe as an art director and a stylist from Brazil. 
And being a frequent contributor to  the most important magazines around the world including  Vogue, Harper´s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Lófficiel, Elle Magazine, Schon Magazine .



Photo @a.richter.ph
Creative direction @beretkah
Muah @tatiana_turko_muah
Stylist @hercules_terres
Model Lydia

Outfits: Sinnstein, Aline Celi

Jewelry: Hong Bock