Those who know how to wear hats properly

To wear a hat is an indisputable talent. Particularly personalities who know and love wearing hats make others’ heads turn. In this post we decided to introduce you to a few key fashion ladies, who have an undoubtful talent of knowing how to wear hats.


Britt Kanja 


Britt Kanja is a Berlin style icon, the face of advertising campaigns for many well-known brands and the favorite of all street style photographers. She was once a professional dancer and toured all over the world, and in the mid-80s she co-founded the legendary Berlin nightclub “90 °”, which became famous for its parties and became a meeting place for the brightest and most interesting people. Over time, Britt Kanya became known as The Grande Dame of Berlin Nightlife, the grand dame of Berlin nightlife. Britt is truly a grand dame. Her sense of style, as well as her beautiful form and demeanor are admired. The images she created combine classic and exotic, elegance and a sense of humor. Britt creates many of her wardrobe items herself. In any of her looks, there are unusual accessories: massive beads or bracelets, earrings, gloves, or sunglasses. Britt has a special love for hats, without which she does not appear. Therefore, when the founder of the brand “BeretkAh…!” Tatiana Ashakova invited Britt to her show, she simply could not refuse. From that moment, friendship and creative cooperation began between the designer and her muse. Last year, Britt took part in a photo project of the brand, and in further joint plans – the creation of a collection of headwear “BeretkAh…!” reflecting the vision of the Berlin diva.


Photography: Alexandra Richter

Hats and plexiglass earrings: BeretkAh...!


Anita (Nanphanita) Jacob


Anita Jacob is a creative entrepreneur, blogger and influencer. She was born and raised in Bangkok and now lives in New Jersey. In 2015, she launched an online jewelry business, where she is responsible for jewelry design, production planning and marketing. Anita loves accessories, especially jewelry and hats, which are now a key element in personal style. Her collection of hats is constantly expanding, and not so long ago she was replenished with products “BeretkAh…!”. On the blogger's Instagram page, you can see a photo wearing a turban with tartan, one of Anita's favorite prints. In this look, he is a bright accent, complementing the laconic white ensemble with a checkered jacket. Tatiana loves the images Anita creates and the attention with which she treats the quality of her blog's content. She has a wonderful sense of shape and color.



Leslie Zemeckis


Leslie Zemeckis is a popular actress, producer, screenwriter and writer, award-winning documentary filmmaker and wife of Oscar-winning American filmmaker Robert Zemeckis. Leslie loves to be the center of attention, but at the same time she is committed to elegant style. She loves to use designer hats of unusual styles in her looks and her most memorable outfits, of course, are complemented by headdresses. One of them is the “BeretkAh…!” pill-hat from the Scottish Sketches collection, inspired by Scotland.



Judith Boyd


Judith Boyd is a fashion blogger based in Denver, Colorado. She has worked as a nurse for most of her life, but has always had an interest in fashion and expressing herself through style. Thanks to her love for hats, in the 80s she even became a co-owner of a hat shop, and in the 90s she sold vintage clothes. Now Judith has her own blog and almost 60 thousand subscribers on Instagram, who are watching with interest her transformations. She loves to create looks using hats from her own collection and vintage items that she buys at sales and thrift stores. In 2005, Judith's husband was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and after 6 years he was gone. Mourning the loss, she found inspiration on this blog. This is her personal art form and art therapy.



Olga Stepp


Olga Stepp is a famous makeup artist, beauty and style expert, image consultant for many models and bloggers, including Kelly Brook and blogger Emily Miller. Olga herself also works as a model and has been repeatedly noted in the press as one of the most stylish guests of Royal Ascot. With Olga’s undoubtedly sleek elegant style in the most fashionable capital of Europe – London – she demonstrates the highest level of personal elegant image unlike many of the Eastern European ladies with their “extremely eye catching” styles. 



Erika Santos


Erika Santos is a blogger, winner of the 2019 World Blogger Award for Best Beauty Influencer and World Influencer Congress Award, 2019 Best Blogger, fashion columnist and fashion content creator, PR specialist. A psychologist by training, Erica has long specialized in consumer behavior. Her career began as a creative and public relations consultant, and later became an analyst and trend forecaster for major brands such as Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Adidas and Nike, Sao Paulo Fashion Week and others. After working for many years as Marketing Director for international brands, in 2011 Erika Santos launched her blog on Instagram, and then a website, where she covers not only the topic of fashion, but also beauty, wellness, fitness and travel aspects, sharing her own experience. Erica is a regular guest at Fashion Weeks and other social events around the world. Erika has been a fan of BeretkAh…! headwear for sometime now and she graced many international events wearing Tatiana’s creations.