World Hat Walk 2024: Berlin Welcomes the Grand Showcase of Millinery

World Hat Walk in Berlin 07.04.2024

On Sunday, April 7, 2024, the world will witness a spectacular display of creativity as hat enthusiasts from 14 cities globally participate in the first-ever World Hat Walk. For the first time Berlin is among these cities and invites hat lovers to join the celebration, setting the stage for a remarkable event.


The new unusual event, organised by the well-known Berlin designer of hats and accessories, Tatiana Ashakova, with the support of the Berlin Hoppegarten race course, will culminate within the walls of Art City People Café.


*The World Hat Walk Experience*


The World Hat Walk, initiated in Barcelona and marking its 10th year,  is a free event open to all in Berlin. Participants, including dogs, as long as they are  adorned with hats, take to the streets, showcasing a diverse array of designs. Professional milliners, vintage enthusiasts, collectors, cosplayers, and more contribute to the vibrant atmosphere, making it a truly inclusive celebration.


The walk will take place under the aegis of giving everyone the opportunity for self-expression. In the modern world, a hat is often an attribute of eccentrics who don't identify themselves with the gray masses. Expressing oneself, showcasing one's style, and becoming manifest – the hat march will provide an opportunity for those who haven't dared to step into a new level of self-identification to reveal their inner world through an extraordinary hat image.


The walk will start at 12.00 pm at Brandenburger Tor and will proceed up to the Synagogue in Mitte and will comfortably be welcomed in a renowned Art City People Cafe in Berlin’s iconic Hackmannhoefe, where the contest for “Best style in a hat” will take place and the winners will be announced.


BeretkAh…! proudly announces the upcoming World Hat Walk, an event dedicated to supporting the vital work of Die Deutsche Hirnstiftung. As a charitable initiative, Die Deutsche Hirnstiftung actively promotes neurological research and provides free consultation services to those affected. To seek advice, individuals can contact them at Tel. 030 531437935 (Monday 14-18, Wednesday 10-14) or through written inquiries at

Die Deutsche Hirnstiftung sustains its impactful work through generous donations from individuals and supporting members, including neurological clinics and practices. By participating in the World Hat Walk, attendees contribute directly to raising the awareness of this matter and advancing neurological research and aiding those in need.

Everyone is welcome to join this meaningful event and make a difference in the lives of those touched by neurological challenges. Together, we can support Die Deutsche Hirnstiftung's mission to foster research, offer guidance, and enhance the well-being of individuals facing neurological conditions.

For more information about the World Hat Walk and to get involved, please join us #worldhatwalkberlin.

*Master Classes and Competitions*


Prior to the main event, Tatiana will conduct master classes in Berlin, empowering aspiring hat enthusiasts to craft their designs. A full day master-class will be held on the 17th of March and a half day - on the 21st of March, both at Art City People Cafe. 

Participants stand a chance to win the coveted "Best handmade hat" prize among non-professionals on April 7 once they join the Hat Walk in their handmade creation. 

The competition will be judged by renowned Berlin-based and internationally established professionals known for their distinctive hat styles.


*Global Locations for World Hat Walk 2024*


- UK: London

- France: Lyon

- Germany: Berlin

- Spain: Barcelona

- Norway: Oslo

- Romania: Location to be confirmed

- Australia: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

- Argentina: Buenos Aires

- USA: Raleigh, North Carolina

- South Korea: Seoul

- Taiwan: Location to be confirmed

As the World Hat Walk 2024 approaches, Berlin anticipates a convergence of creativity, style, and millinery mastery, making this global event a highlight for hat enthusiasts around the world.


Feel free to join our instagram @beretkah and facebook event page!




Event start 12.00 at Pariser Platz, across Adlon Hotel, Berlin

Walk end point apprx. 14.00 at Art City People Cafe, Oranienburger Str. 32, 10117 Berlin

Easter bonnet kids parade 15.00

Event finish 17.00 


Looking forward to seeing you!