The World Hat Walk 2024 in Berlin promises to be a grand celebration of millinery, creativity, and style. Organized by the renowned Berlin-based hat designer, Tatiana Ashakova, in collaboration with the Berlin Hoppegarten racecourse, this event aims to showcase the artistry of hats while supporting a charitable cause.

Scheduled for Sunday, April 7, 2024, the World Hat Walk will bring together hat enthusiasts from 14 cities worldwide, including Berlin, for a unique and inclusive experience. Participants of all ages, even dogs adorned with hats, are invited to join the free event, which will feature a vibrant display of diverse hat designs, from professional millinery creations to vintage pieces and cosplayers' imaginative headwear.

The walk will commence at Pariser Platz across Adlon Hotel at 12:00 pm and proceed towards the Synagogue in Mitte, culminating in the renowned Art City People Cafe in Berlin's iconic Hackmannhoefe. Here, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their hat styles in a contest for the "Best Style in a Hat" award, with winners announced at the event.

Leading up to the main event, Tatiana Ashakova will host master classes at Art City People Cafe, empowering aspiring hat enthusiasts to craft their designs. These workshops include a full-day hat-making master class on March 17 and a fascinator workshop on March 21, providing participants with hands-on experience in creating their unique headwear under Tatiana's guidance.

In addition to celebrating creativity and style, the World Hat Walk 2024 also supports Die Deutsche Hirnstiftung, a foundation dedicated to advancing neurological research and providing consultation services. Through generous donations and support, participants can contribute to raising awareness and donating funds and aiding individuals facing neurological challenges. 


In the inner court of Hackammhoeffe there will also be held a designer market, where local designers will be offering their unique creations with a chance to donate a decent part of their profit to the charitable organisation. 

The World Hat Walk is part of a global initiative, with participating cities including London, Lyon, Barcelona, Oslo, Adelaide, Buenos Aires, Raleigh, Seoul, and others. This international collaboration underscores the universal appeal of hats as a form of self-expression and cultural significance.

Key supporters of the event include Georgina Abbott, founder of Atelier Millinery, and Becky Weaver, Editor of HATalk, who have played instrumental roles in the continuity and success of the World Hat Walks and London Hat Week.

Overall, the World Hat Walk 2024 in Berlin promises to be a convergence of creativity, style, and millinery mastery, uniting hat enthusiasts from around the world in a celebration of craftsmanship and community.




Event start 12.00 at Pariser Platz, across Adlon Hotel, Berlin

Walk end point apprx. 14.00 at Art City People Cafe, Oranienburger Str. 32, 10117 Berlin

Easter bonnet kids parade 15.00

Event finish 17.00