World Hat Walk 2024: Berlin Celebrates Millinery Mastery

On April the 7th, 2024 Berlin's streets came alive with a symphony of style as the inaugural World Hat Walk took the city by storm. Despite the energetic half marathon, over 40 passionate hat enthusiasts got together at Brandenburger Gate  and  paraded through the streets of the German capital, marking a triumphant debut for Berlin in this global celebration of millinery and hat-making.


Hosted by milliner and accessory designer Tatiana Ashakova and generously supported by the Berlin Hoppegarten racecourse, the World Hat Walk showcased the extraordinary creativity and craftsmanship of hat enthusiasts and fans in Berlin. From vintage aficionados to avant-garde designers, participants adorned with their finest headwear converged at the iconic Art City People Café, laying the groundwork for future hat-themed extravaganzas in Berlin.


The event served as a rallying cry for hat lovers of all stripes, drawing participants from diverse backgrounds united by their love for headwear. Amidst the sea of colorful creations, the spirit of creativity and self-expression flourished, creating an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie.


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In addition to celebrating fashion, the World Hat Walk served a noble cause. Proceeds from the event supported Die Deutsche Hirnstiftung's vital work in neurological research and consultation services. Through generous donations and support from sponsors, the foundation's mission to advance research and enhance the well-being of individuals facing neurological conditions received a significant boost.


The highlight of the event was the highly anticipated contests, where participants vied for top honors under the discerning eye of a distinguished panel of judges:


Britt Kanja:  Berlin nightlife icon and founder of "90 Grad" club, known for hosting celebs like Matt Damon & Leonardo DiCaprio, earning the title "Grand Dame of Berlin Nightlife." With a transition to films & multimedia, Britt Kanja is a true fashion icon with a distinct elegant style that is inspirational and recognisable. 


Dieter Padar: Balancing glamour with philanthropy, Dieter Padar is the founder of "Padar Humanitas" and a recognized style icon. Winner of the Robert Blum Prize 2024, Padar's dedication to social justice is evident in his advocacy efforts. Follow for a glimpse into the world of glamor with purpose. 


Gianneris Konstantinos: As a celebrity stylist extraordinaire, Konstantinos crafts fashion narratives worldwide. Collaborating with renowned artists like Helene Fischer & Vanessa Mai, Konstantinos redefines high-end fashion with joy and purpose. Follow for a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a stylist. 


Hercules Terres | Stylist: With a background in cinema makeup, Hercules Terres is a multifaceted creative force. Featured in esteemed publications like Vogue & Harper's Bazaar, Terres brings unique concepts to life with his artistic vision. Follow for insights into fashion innovation and creativity. 


Anja Pavlova: An enchanting burlesque star, Anja Pavlova captivates audiences worldwide with her vintage flair and European charm. With versatile performances and timeless allure, Pavlova is hailed as the "Art Nouveau Showgirl." Follow for a glimpse into the world of burlesque beauty. 


Their discerning eye and invaluable expertise elevated the event to new heights, ensuring that the winners were truly deserving of recognition.


Furthermore, the organizers express deep appreciation to the sponsors whose generous support made the contest and Tombola a resounding success, raising funds for Die Deutsche Hirnstiftung (German Brain Research charity). Their contributions played a pivotal role in advancing the foundation's vital work and making a meaningful impact on the community.


Special thanks to:


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Their contributions helped raise funds for a great cause, @hirnstiftung. We are immensely grateful for your support and the impact you’ve made on our community.


The event was further enriched by captivating entertainment, including a spectacular performance by a group of professional acrobats “Stage Monsters”  from TSV Spandau , showcasing their incredible talents to the delight of the crowd. Additionally, attendees were treated to a mesmerizing Défilé show, presented in collaboration with designers Rutman Fashion and Aline Celi, featuring stunning hats by BeretkAh and Elena Raible. Styled by the renowned Hercules Terres, whose flair for fashion and expertise in millinery added an extra layer of glamour to the event.


In the atmosphere of  great hospitality in Art City People Cafe - a hidden gem in central Berlin -  Hat Walk participants seized the opportunity to communicate, share their love for hats, take numerous pictures, and impress the crowd with their unique creations. Cozy back yard of Hackmannhöfe turned into a hotspot, that attracted tourists and passers by, some of them without first knowing about the main event joined the jolly crowd.  

The event also attracted the attention of journalists, who captured the vibrant atmosphere and excitement of the day. Simultaneously, 17 other cities around the globe joined in the celebration, turning the World Hat Walk 2024 into a remarkable global flashmob that transcended borders and united hat enthusiasts worldwide.


Special thanks to our photographers Denis Konovalov and Roman Lutkov