How to choose your hat – key tips from a stylist

If you've never worn a hat before, here are a few simple secrets to help you make the right choice.


Pay attention to your facial features and hairstyle. Big open eyes, full lips, curly or wavy hair will look just as soft and romantic – under wide-brimmed hats, panamas or berets. And high cheekbones and a strong-willed chin, sharply defined lips, curved eyebrows and geometric haircuts will be good with hats of a fixed shape – for example, with a boater or a bowler hat.


Consider the height and parameters of your figure. Always try on a hat in front of a full-length mirror. Thin petite girls should not wear large and voluminous hats and hats, which brim is wider than the shoulders. On the other hand, miniature hats are not suitable for overweight short ladies. To make the figure harmonious and proportional, it is better to give preference to a medium-sized headwear decorated with bright details.


Evaluate how this or that headpiece is in harmony with your appearance, character and style of clothing. A wide-brimmed soft hat is one of the most romantic styles loved by women of all ages around the world. Such a headdress will not only protect the face and eyes from the bright sun, but also give the image a mystery. Another beloved model is a fedora hat. It suits almost everyone: tall and petite, long-haired and short-haired, young and mature women, and most importantly, it can be combined with any casual wear from jeans to maxi dresses. Panama hat can also become a great addition to your wardrobe and is no longer classified as an exclusive beach accessory, safari style, or garden hat. If ultra-modern style is not about you, then your personality can be emphasized by hats with a retro touch. Do not forget that the color of your headwear should set off your skin beautifully.


Determine the size of your hat correctly. Your headgear should fit well on your head, but not squeeze it. The crown usually rests against the top of the crown (unless it is specially enlarged, as is the case with the cylinder), and the width of the crown should be less than or approximately equal to the width of the face.


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Photo: Alexandra Richter,

Style & make up: Tatiana Ashakova