Spring-summer 2021 – trendy headpieces

With warm weather approaching, many of us are tired of winter hats and strive to get rid of hats as soon as possible. But proper fashionistas, on the contrary, are in search for those, knowing that accessories are important elements of a stylish image. Some hats for spring and summer of 2021 migrated from winter collections, having remained practically unchanged – for example, beanie hats or berets. In the coming season, berets made of light cotton fabrics, as well as knitted and rough materials, including leather, are definitely  in trend. As for colours they can be either delicate or bright. Cowboy hats and jockey bowlers are back in fashion this spring. Not every girl agrees to choose an outfit for a headdress, but with a cowboy hat, the principle is just that – it's the key part of the look and it has to shine. Classic wide-brimmed and straw hats do not lose their relevance. Wide ribbons on the crown are in fashion again – and they can be all different types and widths to make a statement. Nowadays, straw hats are not only a beach option, but also a headdress for a cosmopolitan, which can be combined, for example, with a light sundress or a retro-style dress, shorts, a skirt or a jumpsuit. Many fashion houses have shown a variety of baseball caps and caps this season. In summer, beach canopies will save you from the burning sun, as always. Don't forget about headbands, turbans and scarves. There are many options for how to tie a scarf on your head or use it as a decorative element. From season to season, designers fantasize about headbands. They can be decorated with flowers, large rhinestones, pearls, or made entirely of beads. Decorated bows and ribbons are also firmly in trend.  And the most daring girls can decorate their image with a spectacular diadem or crown. Hopefully there will be reasons to wear them soon!


And as an example of a very trendy lady who knows the business is a Russian couture designer Ulyana Sergeenko. Let’s admire her look in the most stylish headwear and we promise to blog about her personality more.