Nature has inspired lots of artists and designers. How many motifs, textures, intricate details and various forms can be gleaned from it! It is not for nothing that images of insects can be increasingly found in clothing and interior items. The idea of ​​the INSECTORUM collection was born by the designer after moving from the hipster center of Berlin to a green area of ​​the
suburbs mainly because of 3 children. Tatiana unexpectedly plunged into the animal and plant world, with which, living in megacities, we practically do not come into contact. Once in the bosom of nature, she began to mentally return to her childhood spent in the Caucasus.

She loves to challenge herself and this time, as an artist, she wanted to explore the world of insects in order to apply her observations to millinery creations.
Tatiana is self taught but has learned from top London milliners who have inspired her to create ambitious designs and futuristic shapes. The designer has developed 12 unusual items, embellished with handmade insects, created using Swarovski crystals and other exquisite elements. For each insect, Tatiana chose an original style, shape and material. So the hat with ladybugs feels like the shell of this insect, and the combination of black and red creates a powerful contrast and gives the image proper courage. Nature is perfect in its big and small. To convey every detail, whether it be the openwork wing of a dragonfly or the shiny back of the cockchafer, Tatiana turned to attention to new practically jewelry techniques. The designer is clearly known to experiment with unique techniques throughout her career.

All items from INSECTORUM collection are exhibitional items, but they can be made to order. In this case, 25% of the cost of each headpieces will be transferred to the fund … Creating this collection, the designer realized that the contact with nature, which she and her children have been deprived of all these years, is very important. Tatiana wanted to draw society's attention to the life of insects in the context of an ecosystem. The balance in it can be easily disturbed by the simple use of chemicals in the garden and in fields. Having already completed work on the collection, Tatiana realized that insects were in the center of her attention also because all the streets of the area where the family moved to the house where the family settled during the pandemic are named after various buzzing and crawling ones: fireflies, beetles, wasps and ants. And Tatiana's own address is Bee Street. Coincidence or sign?


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Photographer Tanya Kiaie
Creative director, make-up artist, hair stylist Tatiana Ashakova
Model Nina De Lianin
Location restaurant Tolous Lotrek Berlin