A new Gatsby-style collection called “Cold Wave” is a continuation of Tatiana's love for the aesthetics of the 20s of the last century. This is the era of freedom and sensuality, secular brilliance and luxury, the rich and dizzying success, jazz and an endless series of parties. Tamara de Lempicka - a famous artist - is known as a prominent style icon of the Roaring
Twenties. She delighted the public not only with her work, thanks to which she earned her first million at the age of 30, but also with her eccentricity. Walking around Paris in outfits made for her by Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli, arm in arm with Pablo Picasso, she positioned herself as a vamp woman with refined manners and the right connections. In 1929, Tamara Lempicka's self-portrait Woman in a Green Bugatti was featured on the cover of a well-known German magazine that presented her as the ideal of the modern woman. Being a bright personality, the artist not only depicted glamor on her canvases - she was its living embodiment.


De Lempicka masterfully conveyed on canvas what Scott Fitzgerald described in his prose. The new collection of the brand “BeretkAh…!” “Cold Wave” demonstrates her continuing interest of designer Tatiana Ashakova's in the era of the 20s, as well as the personality and work of Tamara de Lempicka. So accessories from the new collection dedicated to the Gatsby era have become even more eccentric and theatrical. In the process of creating products, Tatiana experimented a lot with techniques and materials, finding new readings of already proven designs and shapes. As a talented hair stylist Tatiana found a new reading of a traditional hairstyle popular in the 20’s and interpreted it in her new artistic manner and with new tools. A brave imitation of hair styled in a “cold wave” magically creates the right mood and can easily bring an extra statement for any red carpet look. To convey the look from the 20’s in the pictures, talented photographer Tatiana Kiaie focused on interesting angles and the hands movements of the model. Elegant looks are completed by a selection of other exclusive characteristics of the Gatsby era: long gloves, pearl jewelry, long dangly and large earrings. Tatiana believes that her visual interpretation should give a chance to potential admirers of her art to have a chance to “try on” these looks and imagine themselves a new De Lempicka of the 2023.


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Photographer Tanya Kiaie
Creative director, make-up artist, hair stylist Tatiana Ashakova
Model Tania
Dress Myoo Couture, blouse Julia Makondzo
Accessories Hong Bock, Rita in Palma