The concept store SINNSTEIN with its exclusive atmosphere welcomed special guests and designer friends in its premises to celebrate the start of Berlin Fashion Week - an event that attracts interest and attention from general public and obviously professionals to fashion. 

However the fashion scene in Berlin is very diverse and different, at times it might lack elegance that women lounge for and surprise you with some unexpected solutions and ideas.


In our concept store however you will feel glamorous and stylish - this atmosphere pleases the soul and eye of our customers and we try our best to give them a very warm welcome. 


This time we teamed up with a catering service CHAPEAU at Kudamm  (what a great coincidence for BeretkAh…!) to serve some delicious breakfast! 

We were also thrilled to tell our guests that we now have a new BEAUTY SERVICE in the concept store: any lady can drop by for a styling appointment and get her makeupand hair done by Tatiana, an internationally acclaimed professional.  During the event the gusts could enjoy having their hair styled by Tatiana’s team member, a talented stylist Baina Uchaeva


It has been great to see friends and supporters of our brands, who enjoyed the bubbly and tasty treats by Germany’s finest chef Chriz Bauer, who is known for being a chef for the likes of Heidi Klum and other celebrities. 

Our guests didn’t leave us empty handed: designers gifted the guests with their special presents. The event sponsor German beauty brand Frau Schmitz Beauty also treated them with their unique hyaluronic acid patches and masks.


In our concept store you can find exclusive niche designer day and evening wear, exclusive accessories made using highest quality materials, unique headwear and bridal headpieces by the following designers:



What makes our concept store different from many others is the fact, that we are all designers here with our production in the same place, therefore you can order a bespoke design from any of us based on your particular wishes.


We aim to provide the highest standard of quality and customer service and always look forward to welcoming new customers.