Key elements to create a Gatsby inspired look

The 1920s are the era of jazz and endless parties. World War I, people crave holidays and social events, as well as bright costumes and parties, which should be transmitted in an informal way: eccentric and fanciful. Girls wore sleeveless dresses with or without a low waist. The hallmark of the time. The outfits were studded with beads and precious stones, embroidered with gold threads and decorated with fringe. Gatsby style clothing made of light and flowing fabrics: silk, velvet, satin, chiffon, lace. The hair is often cut in the caret style. Makeup was contraindicated in the calm tones of clothes: an abundance of white powder, bright-light lipstick, dark shadows, flirty arrows and browning eyebrows. All this pretentiousness perfectly reflected the spirit of the "crazy 20s." A huge role in creating a unique Gatsby image was down to accessories. An indispensable attribute of hats and hairstyles were long feathers. No ensemble could do without an ostrich feather, pearl necklace, lace or ribbon with embroidery. "Cloche", dressings, headbands with flowers or flowers. Bracelets and rings, bracelets and pendants. A special highlight was fur boas and long gloves. It is believed that short haircuts and its imitations were the fashionable trend. Women were trying to make a statement, rebel in a way and it could be seen in the makeup, but hair and unusual accessories. BeretkAh…! is hugely influenced by this era and many designs are inspired by it. In fact if you look into the collections you will see at least three of them that are true to Gatsby style. Alongside with creating whole collections in this style Tatiana and her team keep on making many more bespoke orders inspired by the 20’s. Not to mention Tatiana’s own wedding where she wore heavily beaded bespoke dress by OMBE Joyce Young and her own headpiece in silver mesh. 


You can also create stylish and beautiful Gatsby inspired look using creations from BeretkAh…! or having a bespoke item made by Tatiana especially for you.