What accessories help in everyday life. A new look at the familiar turban headband

A normal headband is familiar to every girl has always been considered a convenient and practical accessory. Indispensable to collect hair for homework or sports, it received a new interpretation thanks to modern designers. The turban headband will give a lady’s look a nice touch and help the hairstyle to become more cool in a new way, becoming an accent in the image or complementing the outfit in color. Designers offer many options for the model and prints of such an accessory. Material and size can also be any - the choice is individual. Among the trendy prints of the last few seasons is the Scottish checkered print, also called a tartan. This fabric always serves as a source of inspiration for designer Tatiana Ashakova, and for good reason, because headwear and accessory brand BeretkAh…! was born precisely in Scotland. Despite the fact that the Scottish tartan looks so fresh and fashionable especially with new added trendy colours, this print has a very ancient history. The first mention of tartan, as the Scottish checkered ornament is correctly called, dates back to the 3rd century AD. Once it helped the Scots to determine the belonging of its owner to one of the many clans. This tradition is still alive now, but now more often the checkered print distinguishes from the crowd not representatives of a noble family, but stylish people who are following trends.


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