Scottish sketches

Since the time Tatiana Ashakova became a headwear designer she has created numerous collections inspired by Scotland. Since childhood, she had a special love for checked materials, which in one form or another was always present in her wardrobe. When Tatiana began to study English, it became clear to her that the Scottish tartan is much deeper than just an ornament. Reflecting the culture and traditions of the country, it is an important attribute of the self-identification of Scottish families-clans. All this aroused keen interest in the future designer. Tatiana believes through this affection all things tartan she got into  her education in Scotland, where she became a professional in marketing learning more about fashion, particularly local. Now even despite the fact that the designer resides in Berlin she still gets to visit Scotland every year and never ceases to be inspired by tartans that are actually everywhere: in a cafe or shop, in interiors of castles, that Tatiana often visits due to her other work as a stylist. 


For Scots, this ubiquitous presence of tartans is a completely normal story, but for other countries it is something special. Meeting Scottish fashion designer Joyce Young and designers from other fashion brands inspired Tatiana with confidence in her strength and redoubled her desire to create. Last year she created a collection of turban headbands using off cuts of some tartans, and this year she again looked into pill box hats - and her most favourite type of a hat. The designer confesses that for owners of these hats creating the perfect styling is not going to be an easy task. Firstly, because these tartans have quite intense colours. Choosing the right  styling to match with these hats might mean going for something either very classy to make the headpiece steal the applause or vice versa: choose a bright eclecticism.


New Scottish collection under the name Scottish Sketches "BeretkAh...!" has been created for ladies who are not afraid to be noticed, but at the same time, these hats maintain an elegant style. Many hand picked by the designer  vintage brooches have been used in the collection, which makes each hat unique. When creating her products, Tatiana tries to adhere to the principle of upcycling wherever possible. Working with Joyce Young, Tatiana often uses leftover fabrics from Joyce's factory to make it a zero waste collaboration with and stay true to the historical fact of millinery heritage. So it happened with this collection. For this exact  reason, the number of to-be-repeated designs is very limited, what also makes Tatiana’s creations unique. New Scottish collection "BeretkAh...!" was captured by Tatiana's friend and talented photographer from the UK Tanya Kiaie.


Feel free to browse available Scotland inspired headwear in the brand's Etsy shop.