What are the benefits of the pandemic

Difficult situations always force us to think about serious things, for which  we usually do not have enough time. We begin to ask ourselves what the current situation in the world is talking about and what useful things we can do right now. Finding answers to these questions can give you a lot of interesting ideas. Designer and founder of the BeretkAh...! brand Tatiana Ashakova talked about what she came to during the pandemic, and how she took advantage of her “free” time in quarantine.


“The coronavirus has affected every entrepreneur. But against the background of all the minuses, my family and I, as a designer, felt the pluses. During the quarantine period, my children became closer to nature. Despite the fact that I really love Berlin, we were lucky that we were able to move out of town. It was there that I saw the first steps of my youngest daughter. This season I was preparing for really intense work – preparation began last fall, and not everything went as smoothly as I would like, mainly  because last year I became a mother for the third time. Combining family and work is especially difficult when you have a small child. But thanks to the pandemic, the world has slowed down, and I was finally able to enjoy my time with my family.


After taking the time and energy to learn something new, I took a Pinterest orientation course with Becky from Engaged Weddings (a blog for new-weds and also wedding professionals from the UK). Now you can see even more of my work on Pinterest. During the quarantine period, I managed to unify the work of my team. We are now writing more posts and sharing news on the brand's website. BeretkAh…! is integrated into instagram via facebook, and soon the maximum number of positions will be added there. Finally, I found the opportunity to think through the concepts of some new collections and redesign my store on Etsy to make it even clearer and more convenient. By the way, there is still a promotional code for a discount STAYATHOME.


The current situation convinced me that the seasonal business is unreliable, and I decided to launch another project in parallel, which I will talk about later. Unfortunately, due to the quarantine, it has been moving forward very slowly. But I was very lucky that Germany supported small business all this time and did not let our sector, which suffered a lot, fall to the bottom. Increasingly, I hear that the world will be different after the pandemic. Therefore, the task of each of us is to keep up with the times and also change. For the best, of course. New time brings new challenges!"




Photographer: @verusch_ka. First collaboration after the release of quarantine in Germany between BeretkAh...! and Felicita for Labohaime concept store.