When fashion meets art

Artists and fashion designers have much more in common than it might seem at first glance. Fashion and art fill each other with new visual and aesthetic aspects, expanding the horizons of perception. It is difficult for creative people to remain within the framework of one single activity. They are driven by the desire to embody their creative ideas in different forms. So during the pandemic, the designer of wedding dresses Anna Ugryumova turned to her passion for painting. The founder of the "BeretkAh…!" Tatiana Ashakova is connected with Anna by many years of work in the wedding segment. The main focus for Anna's brand Felicita Design is creation of bridal gowns in a bohemian style, which perfectly meets the needs of German brides who love simplicity and elegance. In addition, Anna sews custom-made dresses and creates beautiful jeans jackets with a feminine touch. Last year Anna turned her bridal boutique into a conceptual shop driven by female businesses. At the moment multiple women led brands are represented there among which is "BeretkAh…!".


Last year when her shop had to stay closed and the pandemic was threatening the existence of any business in the wedding industry when there were practically no events in the world,  Anna began to paint canvases for interior design, and a year later launched a new project – Intuitive painting. Now, when the psychological consequences of forced isolation and the lack of positive impressions are speeding across the society, creativity is increasingly being turned to as therapy. In this regard, Anna began to study to become an art therapist. As part of intuitive painting, she helps her students create a picture on their own, accompanying them in the creative process and guiding them with advice and feedback. In her works on canvas, the artist uses a mix of oil and acrylic paints where mainly nature relevant themes come into life. Tatiana is very close to Anna's creative vision, in fact she is entirely inspired  by Anna's skills and aspirations. Therefore not only she already created her piece of art under Anna's guidance, but also held photo sessions with her paintings as backdrops which created very special atmosphere.


If you want to see Tatiana’s creation, make sure to check the Instagram.